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Company Overview

Yelo is a leading manufacturer of automated test equipment for the Photonics and Electronics industries. We are UK based (in Northern Ireland), founded in 1983 and have a team of  40 including; Electronic engineers, mechanical design engineers, software developers and test/commissioning/support engineers. Our biggest markets are USA, Asia and Europe. To date we have over 400 burn-in systems installed internationally - and continue to grow this figure.

We specialise in manufacturing equipment that tests the reliability of high speed communications laser devices which are used as the backbone of the internet within data centers. This is done through a process called burn-in and its goal is to ensure complete functionality, and remove any potentially defective devices from reaching the field. 

The equipment is designed to test lasers in high volumes so that device manufacturers in production environments can scale up and meet the high volume demands of the market. Alternatively, the equipment can be customised to test laser devices in low volumes for device manufacturers operating in low volume R&D environments.


Photonics Testing

We specialise in;

Laser Diode Life Test -
Used to predict the laser diode life expectancy under the intended operating characteristics.

Laser Diode Burn-in
Used to identify and remove any defective laser diodes at an early stage which prevents infant mortality at the post production stage.


Bespoke Product Testing Solutions

In some cases you can find that off-the-shelf testing solutions might not meet the exact testing requirements which can delay your time to market. 

How can Yelo help? 
Yelo can design and build a custom test and measurement solution to meet your exact specifications and ensure it accurately performs the intended test function.

Why Choose Yelo?


Yelo is the market leader in laser burn in and reliability systems, with a proven track record in development and deployment across many industries.


Yelo can provide on-going support both in China, Europe and North America, we currently have over 200 systems operating worldwide.


Yelo can offer a system fully customised to your requirements, from analysis and design through to implementation.


Including the modular oven which ensures tight temperature control of each device and prevents heat spread from drawer to drawer.



Our Story

Yelo have been manufacturing laser testing equipment for over 30 years and have built up a strong reputation as the experts and innovators in the field of laser testing. With several changes of name over the years and a few management buyouts, it's been quite a story to how we got to this stage. Have a look at the Brand Timeline below.


We Are Growing

The reason why we have been in business for so long and why we keep growing is because laser diodes are becoming more powerful and are also becoming smaller, so our testing equipment helps to screen out any failed or low quality laser diodes and guarantees reliability and quality for your product in post production use.

We have our biggest markets in China, with a support office now set up in Shanghai.

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