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Yelo Pixi


PXI Functional Test System

The Yelo Pixi is an off-the-shelf PXI based functional test system with in-circuit, continuity and functional test capability. Built into a free standing 19" rack is a PXI chassis, mass interconnect fixture interface, PC, flat screen and space for additional instruments if required.

Pre-wired and configured

Standard fixture interface

Easily manage tests with Yelo Test Executive (YTE) software

Allows different fixtures & applications to run on the same system

Easy to calibrate or repair

Uses off-the-shelf instrumentation

Allows test programs written in LabVIEW, C or C++

Integrated package of hardware, software and fixture interface


  • Operator ergonomics

  • In-built safety systems

  • Analogue in-circuit capability and guard capability

  • Uncommitted space for user selected instruments

  • Import user parameters to develop tests without the need to write any software code

  • YTE software provides a standard user interface and test sequencer

  • Wide range of reporting options

  • VIs allow user specified instrument measurement calls and provide continuity and in-circuit measurements

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