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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are we called Yelo?
A. No specific reason other than it being memorable 

Q. Where are Yelo based?
A. We are based in a town called Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland

Q. What is the lead time on a burn-in system?
A. Each system typically has a 16 - 18 week turnaround time although this can vary

Q. How many burn-in systems have Yelo shipped?
A. Over 300 burn-in systems have been installed globally

Q. Can Yelo support international customers? 
A.  Yes. Yelo has a dedicated team of support engineers to assist with technical enquiries. Our support engineers can travel to assist international based customers. We also have support staff based in China. 

Q. What is Yelo's technical ability?
A. Yelo has a team of highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers, test engineers, production operatives and commissioning/support engineers.

Q. How do I contact Yelo if I have an enquiry?
A. The best way is to visit our contact page and fill out our customer enquiry form -


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