The Y1000L Modules have the ability to hold up to 32 devices, as there are a maximum of 4 drawers within the system it is possible to test up to 1024 devices at the same time. The Y1000L Low Power system also accomodates both TO-can and CoC device packages as well as a number of others. Yelo can provide a range of Chip on Carrier or phototonic integrated circuit probing technologies to cope with high multiple laser devices and small pad sizes, such as 100 microns.


  • Ability to hold 32 devices per module.
  • Test up to 1024 devices at the same time.
  • The modules are heated in a mini oven and the temperature can be controlled throughout the test.
  • The system is fitted with alarms to prevent overheating of the laser diodes.

The Y1000L Modules Support The Following Range Of Devices



Transmitter Optical Sub Assembly (TOSA)

Chip On Carrier (CoC)

Burn-In 100G, QFSP & SFP+

Dual In-Line/Mini Dual In-line (DiL/MiniDiL)

Bare Chip

Custom Packages

Photodiodes & Avalanche Photodiodes

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